Thursday, December 15, 2005

Google's new Firefox extensions

Google launched two new extensions for Firefox today. The first lets you see who has been blogging about the page you are currently looking at, and (if you are a Blogger user) to comment on the page yourself. I like this one a lot. The second attempts to warn you if the site you are looking at is a phishing site. Unfortunately, this latter extension will only install if you are in the US. You can still get the extension if you are outside of the US, but it involves some ingenuity. Here's another post, with a screenshot.

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Phillip Fayers said...

I noticed this post through that new extension...

I wonder if anyone else has spotted the SPAM/Advertising potential of this.

Andy Piper said...

Good thought. The backend is Google Blog Search, so I guess it depends on how immune that is to such things.